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Planning a large community event in Lansing, MI? Prepping for that beautiful wedding reception? Whatever event you may be planning, you may have discovered that there is a need for special flooring. That is where Bos Structures and Events comes in.

If you are looking for an affordable option for a dance floor in Lansing, consider renting our black and white checkered floor. If you are looking for something more elegant and luxurious, you may want to consider our marble or illuminated dance floor. With our wide range of flooring and staging inventory, you can trust that you will find something that meets your specifications.

Whether you are planning a small backyard party in Lansing, or a large corporate or community event, Bos Structures and Events can provide you with the perfect flooring solutions for your engagement. If you are in need of a dance floor, sturdy foundation, or raised flooring, we will see to it that your event needs are met.

Feel free to give us a phone call to learn more about our party rental services in Lansing, MI.

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