Staging and Flooring Rentals for Outdoor Events in Sterling Heights

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor event that didn’t have flooring installed, you probably understand how messy or inconvenient partying in the grass or on concrete can get. Guests don’t want to worry about their high heels getting stuck in the soft grass beneath them or trying to dance on concrete. When you are planning outdoor events, flooring should definitely be included in your budget for the comfort of your guests. Bos Structures and Events is available to install staging and flooring for both indoor and outdoor events of all types and sizes in Sterling Heights.

Simply share with us the needs for your event, and we can recommend the best flooring options for you. Our flooring solutions can be customized for any event including Sterling Heights’ Parks and Recreation events, weddings, and more. If you will have a band, DJ, or guest speaker, you may find that a portable stage would be in your best interest. Bos Structures and Events can set up staging for your event in the configuration you find most appropriate. Our staging can be customized according to size, height, and shape.

With Bos Structures and Events’ party rental solutions, you can create an event to remember in the city of Sterling Heights. To request a quote for flooring or staging rental, feel free to contact us today.

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