Event Staging and Tent Flooring in Ann Arbor, MI

There are many things to consider when planning that special event in Ann Arbor, MI from tables and chairs to food and beverages. However, the flooring is something that can be easily overlooked- especially when it comes to outdoor events. Whether you need a dance floor and entertainment space or a simple barrier from the wet grass beneath you, Bos Structures and Events has the perfect event staging and flooring solution for you.

Flooring is necessary when you need a hard surface beneath your party tent for an outdoor event, or when you need to protect a floor inside a venue. If you are planning a party in Ann Arbor that includes dancing, Bos Structures and Events can provide you with a sturdy and safe dance floor or stage for your guests to enjoy.

We offer staging and flooring options for events of all sizes -from small private parties to large stadium events in the city of Ann Arbor. We can even provide quality even-surfaced floors appropriate for driving classic show cars across. Whatever your special event needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

Bos Structures and Events will help you select the best flooring and staging option for your unique event. When it comes to event staging and flooring in Ann Arbor, Bos Structures and Events is your one-stop shop. Contact us today for more information.

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