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At Bos Structures and Events, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best structure options in Evansville, IN for your event or project. Our team provides you with a wide range of temporary structures options designed to suit your needs perfectly. We customize each structure solution based on our client’s needs. We offer rapid deployment and expert installation – and our structures can meet the needs for just about any industry.

Temporary Structure Solutions for A Variety of Applications

Bos Structures and Events has structure solutions that are flexible enough to fit a variety of applications. Whether it’s warehouse, industrial, or construction tent rental, Bos Structures is fully equipped to get your project up and running quickly. Our structures are ideal for both temporary and long-term installations in Evansville, IN with little to no maintenance needed after the initial installation. Here are some applications where our structures can be the perfect solution:

Entertainment and Marketing Event Structures

We provide temporary structures for marketing events, entertainment venues, tradeshows, concerts, sporting events, fairs, festivals and other event and entertainment needs.

Commercial and Industrial Structures

Our temporary structures are used by commercial and industrial companies in a range of industries. Need a climate-controlled structure? Bos Structures can provide an extensive list of amenities that include HVAC support, lighting and flooring.

Temporary Structures for Warehousing and Storage

Short of storage or warehouse space? Bos Structures and Events can design and deliver a temporary warehouse that meets all your storage requirements.

Our structures are perfect when you need additional space for:

  • Seasonal/Overflow inventory
  • Storing supplies or equipment
  • Temporary storage during construction/renovation

Temporary Structures for Construction

Our structures can help construction companies provide overhead cover for your people on their job sites and construction sites. Structures are also great for onsite storage to keep your building materials, tools, and equipment protected from the elements. No matter the weather or season, structures can help keep your team working in any harsh conditions.

At Bos Structures, we know your project or event needs to be successful. That’s why we don’t just deliver a structure – we deliver the attention to every detail that we know our clients in Evansville, IN need. Safety, logistics, permitting – these are the things we do every day, all day. We provide services and support in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and all over the nation. Our products are built for durability whether they’re used in a hot or cold climate. Our structures are flexible enough to meet the demands of non-traditional work sites and are strong enough to ensure a safe, successful project.

Bos Structures and Events is committed to the highest standards of customer service in the tent, structure, and portable building industry. If you need an innovative solution for an event or storage, call us today at 248-926-0296. to learn more about our start-to-finish approach to tent sales, rentals and installation. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best temporary structures for their special event. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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